Introducing Roam

A powerful mobile Wi-Fi solution designed to provide uncompromised internet connectivity, even in remote and rural locations, across the UK and Europe.

Our powerful antenna has been designed to maximise 3G/4G signal. Coupled with the Roam router, this creates a reliable and secure Wi-Fi hotspot for your vehicle. Unlike other products, the Roam router can also receive Wi-Fi sources,
so you are only using data when necessary.

Stay connected throughout your adventure!


Key Features

Powerful 4G antenna gives you signal where your phone can’t
• Router creates it’s own secure Wi-Fi hotspot
• Unique secondary Wi-Fi function allows connection to a Wi-Fi connection if and when required
• Antenna mounting options (available separtely) to suit various applications

Powered by Teltonika

We are proud to have formed a partnership with Teltonika to bring to you the robust powerful Roam router perfect for internet on the move.

Roam - Available January 2020

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