Bringing GPS Technology to your Satellite System

Our full range of Maxview automatic satellite systems are now available with Automatic Skew.

Automatic Skew rotates the LNB to maximise satellite reception. This is especially important when travelling at the edge of your chosen satellite’s footprint. With Automatic Skew, you will receive your favourite channels further from home.

Why do I need Automatic Skew?

Automatic skew allows you to maintain satellite reception for longer when travelling into Southern Europe. For UK customers looking to receive the Astra 2 satellite, we recommend Skew for those who plan to travel across Southern Europe to places such as the South of France where the satellite fringe is reached on an 85cm dish. If your travels will be limited to the United Kingdom, Automatic Skew is not necessary.

How does Automatic Skew work?

When travelling further afield, it is necessary to rotate the LNB to compensate for the curvature of the earth. This is done to minimise the number of errors received in the satellite data. When reaching the edge of the satellite footprint, minimising the number of data errors is particularly important to ensure satellite reception is still received. The Maxview automatic Skew system uses GPS to calculate the optimum skew angle for your given location, whilst a motor within the LNB enclosure adjusts the LNB accordingly.


Automatic Skew Features

Maximises Signal Performance using GPS
Allows you to watch TV on the fringe areas of the satellite footprint

Fully Automatic Positioning
Skew is set simultaneously to satellite search process, minimising satellite acquistion time and requiring no addtional input from the user.

GPS Memory Storage
Accelerated adjustment in next use as GPS automatically stores last location

Fully Enclosed Housing
Protects the LNB and moving parts, without any signal degradation

Our Automatic Skew is also available with SKY Q™ TV compatibility

We also are pleased to offer compatibility with SKY Q™ Receivers.

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