Bring Smart Technology to your Satellite System

We've launched our first ever app controlled satellite system called the Connect.

Bringing smart technology to your vehicle, the Connect offers the ultimate convenience of wireless control from your smart phone or tablet via the free app.

The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to pair the system and mobile device. This offers full control of your satellite system, with the additional benefit of automatic software updates for uninterrupted viewing and a greater range of satellites.

The Connect is a roof mounted and fully automatic satellite system, with a low aerodynamic profile sitting just 19cm from your vehicle’s roof when parked. Depending on your travelling destination, the Connect is available in either a 65cm or 85cm dish size and single, twin or quad LNB.

Depending on your viewing requirements, the system has been designed to let you seamlessly switch between satellite packs directly from your mobile device. Untimely satellite updates stopping your TV viewing is a thing of the past with the Connect mobile app. The app has been designed to rid the need for memory sticks and computers with completely wireless software updates at the touch of a button!

With the Connect you will have instant access to product support information should anything ever go wrong.

Wherever you travel, Connect ensures you can stay connected.

Discover more on our app controlled satellite system by visiting the Connect product page by clicking here.


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