Maxview’s sponsored karting driver, Marcus Hudson, reports on Round 1 of the MSA ABkC NKF Super 4 250 British Championship Round 1

Date- 21/04/2018 - 22/04/2018

Track Conditions- Sunny spells 19C-21C.

Location- Fulbeck , Lincolnshire.

Saturday practice: First two sessions were used just to run in the engine and bed the new brake pads, in readiness for the weekends racing. After that we found the kart had too much grip all round so we spent the rest of the day freeing the kart up. By the end of the day the kart was handling much better.

Heat 1

Grid- 2nd

Didn't get a good start and went down to 6th. In the last four laps the kart gained a lot of hop coming out of the hairpin and couldn't get the drive off the corner. Managed to finish 5th.

Heat 2

Grid- 7th

Made an excellent start and was in third into the first corner but the kart understeered and was struggling to turn. Into the next corner the same happened again and the kart didn't feel as it should. The front didn't want to turn, the understeer was massive, and it felt like something had failed on the front. I carried on in the race but was 2 seconds a lap off the pace. There were a few retirements and I finished in 11th. When we got back into the paddock we found the front right upright had failed.

Heat 3

Grid- 13th

The start was chaotic, there were karts two and three abreast darting/weaving across the circuit and just before the bus stop two karts touched and sent the third kart straight off the circuit at 90 degrees at 50mph. By the end of the first lap I was up to 9th place. I was right on his rear bumper and after five laps he spun coming out of a quick right hand corner and I just missed hitting him. I then chased down the next kart then on lap 11, I got a better run out of the first corner and over took him. I eventually finished 6th.


My results in the heats put me 8th on the grid for the final. If we didn't have the upright fail in heat 2 we could have been higher up the grid but that’s racing, sometimes your luck’s in and sometimes it's not. I made a place up on the start and finished in 6th place.

Next meeting is May 12th/13th at Rowrah in Cumbria for Round 2 of the NKF Super 4 250 British Championship. I'm looking forward to this as its one of two new tracks we are going to visit this season. So a lot to learn during the weekend.


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