SKY Q™ and Maxview Satellite Products Compatibility - The Background

Here at Maxview we know some of our customers choose to take their SKYTM Box away with them on their adventure allowing SKYTM TV on their travels.

The release of SKY QTM back in 2016 has been causing our customers viewing issues as a result of the compatibility of the SKY QTM box and Maxview Satellite Systems. SKY QTM is different from any previous editions of SKY TVTM (SKY+, SKY HD etc.) in the way the system receives the TV signal. SKY QTM requires a unique LNB for connection from the cable to satellite dish.

Most of our current range of Satellite Systems can be upgraded to be SKY QTM compatible.

The growing number of customers contacting Maxview and asking for our solution to their SKY Q TM compatibility issue has led us to develop two solutions which will fully support the SKY Q TM system.

The SKY Q™ solution from Maxview

Having our Design & Production here in the UK has meant our team has been able to work on solutions and after successful meetings with SKY themselves, we’ve been able to create not one but two complete solutions for our customers who are wanting to take SKY QTM on their travels.

We’ve developed a portable and automatic roof-mount satellite system compatible with SKY QTM. Our portable solution is the Maxview Precision. Click here for more details on our Maxview Precision SKY Q TM variant.

Our roof-mounted solution is the Maxview Target SKY Q TM variant. For more information on the Target SKY Q TM variant click here.

Check SKY Q™ Compatibility before you travel

Are you preparing for your next adventure? Don’t forget to check the compatibility of your Maxview Satellite System with SKY QTM before you set off.

Click here to download our SKY Q™ Products Flyer

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