Welcome to the Maxview software update page.

Due to satellite movements out of our control, you may require system updates to enable them to lock on to the desired signal. Maxview offers free lifetime software updates for all our automatic satellite systems.

Maxview have made this process easy with the USB update system.


If you have been using AST 28 S on your Seeker System to locate the Astra 28 Satellite you will find the system no longer locks on due to a recent frequency change.

You can still lock onto Astra 28 by selecting AST 28. This will not affect viewing of any channels and will work in France & Spain.



Note: This Astra 28 update also replaces the last mandatory update for Astra 28 released in June 2015 due to a frequency change. Therefore if you have not used your Seeker prior to June and you are experiencing problems locking onto Astra 28 this release will also solve this problem.

For UK Channels

We feel that it is very important to strive to continuously improve our systems. This non essential software update will improve satellite acquisition times, give you the best possible coverage throughout Europe and also give greater scope for future frequency changes to the Astra 2 satellite with the addition of a second Astra 28 frequency option.

We strongly recommend that this software is installed at your earliest convenience to benefit from the improvements to your system, please use the links further down the page.

Seeker Update

After the update you will have Astra 28 listed as before but also Ast 28S listed. Ast 28S is the secondary Astra 28 frequency option that can be used as you travel further South into Europe.

All future manufactured Seeker product will have this software installed as standard.

Target Update

Due to the Target system having a choice of only 5 satellites it will be manufactured with a default satellites set (Astra 19, Astra 28, Astra 23, Hotbird and Thor) programmed into the control box but with the enhanced specification benefits as above. However you can download the enhanced Astra 28 specification with a custom satellite set which will replace Thor with an additional Astra 28 frequency as above, Ast 28S. We recommend this update for all customers who watch UK Channels and do not require the THOR Satellite.


Please join our software update database for an instant email message if a future update is ever required.