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The Remora Pro is a portable satellite kit with a unique dual suction mount, designed to receive satellite TV, wherever your adventure takes you.

The compact 40cm dish package combines a range of innovative features, to simplify the manual assembly and alignment process for quick and effortless set-up.

The ideal system easy, temporary attachment to any flat surface.

  • Simple and intuitive manual operation
  • Single LNB and Twin LNB variants available
  • Easy adjust manual skew system
  • Includes satellite compass
  • High quality, durable and robust construction
  • Designed and tested for outdoor use
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 2 year guarantee

Compatibility: Transmissions from satellites worldwide (UK/European satellites as standard) Satellite Receiver/Integrated TV required
Power:Passive. LNB Powered through Coaxial cable from satellite receiver. No separate power supply required
Suction Mount:Dual suction silicone mount suitable for a smooth surface only
Dish Size:Aluminium 40cm dish
Dish Gain:32dB
Dish Acceptance Angle:Angle Azimuth; 6° / Elevation 8°
Elevation Range:10° - 50°
Skew Adjustment:Manual -30° to +30°
Azimuth Range:95°


Remora Satellite System
Remora Suction Mount
5m Flexible F to F Coaxial Cable
Satellite Compass
Instructions with Elevation Map
Storage Bag


    MXL026 - Remora Pro Suction - Portable Satellite System - Single LNB
    MXL026/TWIN - Remora Pro Suction - Portable Satellite System - Twin LNB