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· Ensure the gain control knob is turned fully clockwise for maximum sensitivity.

· You may be in an area with a very weak signal that is too low to register on the finder, you may need a larger aerial.

Yes, the Digital Signal Finder can be powered via the receiver output or via a 5-12V dc power supply using a 3.5mm jack plug (centre positive).

Check and change battery, we recommend removing batteries if the Digital Signal Finder is going to be stored for a long period to prevent damage to the remote by a leaking battery.

No, the Digital Signal Finder will only work with the digital terrestrial signal and MUST NOT be used with satellite equipment as it may cause damage.

Yes, you can connect the Digital Signal Finder using both the aerial and TV/REC socket to loop through the signal. Please note, the Sat Finder is not designed for permanent outdoor use and is not weatherproof, so should only be connected outdoors whilst searching for a signal.