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The Sat Finder is powered by the receivers LNB output and may not be powering up for one of the following reasons:

· There is no satellite receiver connected. Ensure you are using a satellite receiver and not a Freeview box that you would plug a conventional aerial into.

· There is a connection problem between the receiver connection on the satellite system and the satellite receiver.

· The satellite receiver is not turned on or is not functioning correctly and has stopped providing voltage through the coaxial cable via the LNB input. Check the power source to the receiver and ensure it is switched on.

· Ensure there are no obstructions to the South East line of sight as this will stop the satellite signal. E.g. trees, buildings etc.

· Ensure you have elevated the dish to the correct angle as per the Zone Map.

· Ensure the dish platform (tripod or roof) is as level as possible, an uneven platform will change the angle that the dish has to be set to.

The most common cause for this is that you have aligned your dish to the wrong satellite. There are several satellites located in the southern sky and the Sat Finder will pick up any one of these. If you are unable to locate the correct satellite, with your elevation angle is set correctly, try adjusting the Azimuth angle slightly to both the left and right until the Sat Finder recognises another satellite.

It is also possible that you have located the correct satellite, in this case please check the following:

· Ensure your satellite receiver is switched on and set to the correct satellite you are searching for

· Ensure you have selected the correct AV source on your TV.

Simply turn the knob fully to the left. Your Sat Finder will now be silent and just a green light will be illuminated. Please note, the Sat Finder is not designed for permanent outdoor use and is not weatherproof, so should only be connected outdoors whilst searching for a satellite. Alternatively, once you have located the satellite, you may want to remove the Sat Finder ID from the system completely.

Yes, the Sat Finder can be connected in line to either of the LNB outputs.

Yes, it can be found in our online shop here.