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The most common cause for this is that you have aligned your dish to the wrong satellite. There are several satellites located in the southern sky and the Sat Finder will pick up any one of these. If you are unable to locate the correct satellite, try adjusting the Azimuth angle slightly both the left and right until the Sat Finder ID recognises another satellite.

It is also possible that you have located the correct satellite, but your receiver is set up incorrectly:

· Ensure your satellite receiver is switched on and set to the correct satellite you are searching for

· Ensure you have selected the correct AV source if your TV has a built in satellite receiver.

This suggests that your connection between your receiver and TV is not correct. Reconnect your SCART/HDMI cable and check the correct AV source is selected on your TV/receiver.

The Sat Finder ID should not have a tone, this function has been disabled.

The Sat Finder ID LED works with any current working channel when you set up the system. However if you do experience problems we always recommend to use a main stream TV channel e.g. BBC 1.

We always recommend to fine tune using the Sat Finder LED’s evenwhen your Sat Found LED is lit. Please refer to the Sat Finder ID instructions on how to fine tune with the Sat Finder.

It is not possible to turn the LED off. The LED uses a very low and insignificant amount of power. We recommend you turn the Sat Finder down (just green LED lit) and if you prefer you can also disconnect the Audio cable to turn off the Sat Found LED. Alternatively, once you have located the satellite, you may want to remove the Sat Finder ID from the system completely.

There is a very small delay (milliseconds) but you should not notice this. However on some satellite receivers, such as SKY® there may be a longer delay (0.5-1 second). In this situation we suggest you rotate the dish slower.

Yes the delay can be between 3-10 seconds, this is normal. During normal operation, once the Sat Found LED lights up, you will stop rotating the dish right away.

We recommend to use the Phono to 3.5mm Jack adaptor (supplied).These can be used on the headphone socket of your TV. Please note once you have set up your system you will have to remove the 3.5mm Jack as this will mute the TV. Some TV’s will allow you to turn this function off, please refer to TV manufacturer’s instructions.

This can happen in certain situations but will not affect the function of your system or affect your signal to watch TV.

If you wish to use your Sat Finder in a twin kit but areonly using one coaxial connection, ensure you connect the cable to the correct output.

· As the Sat Finder ID is powered by the satellite receiver, there could be a problem with the connection between the satellite receiver (or TV with built in satellite receiver) and the connection on the Precision.

· Ensure the satellite receiver is powered up to a working power source and turned on.

· If the connection is not the problem, the satellite receiver may have stopped outputting the voltage up the coaxial cable to the Sat Finder ID.

The Sat Finder ID is not designed for permanent outdoor use and is not weatherproof, so should only be connected outdoors whilst searching for a satellite.