MXL020/SD & MXL020/HD



· Check the receiver is set to the correct satellite.

· The satellite dish maybe locked onto the wrong satellite check this and if it is a manual dish you will need to adjust the angles of the system.

· Try changing the channel you have selected as this channel may have changed frequency or been removed from the satellite. Youcan update the channel list by performing a single satellite scan, note new channels will be added to the bottom of the channel list.

· Check the fuse on the back of the unit has not blown.

· Try a different power source using either the transformer or cigarette adaptor.

· Double check rocker switch in the bottom left hand corner on the front of the receiver is in the on position.

We recommend resetting the receiver back to its factory settings using the below method:

· Press menu, scroll down to tools, scroll across to factory settings, press ok and enter pass code (0000 is default pass code).

· Please note, this will delete any favourites that you may have saved.

· Check connection between TV and receiver.

· Try a different HDMI Lead or Scart Lead.

· Check the correct AV source is selected on yourTV for example Scart, HDMI 1 or AV.

· Check and change batteries.

· Ensure you are pointing the remote at the receiver or Digi Eye.

· If using the remote Digi-Eye try removing it and plugging back in.

· We recommend removing batteries if the remote is going to be stored for a long period to prevent damage to the remote caused by leaking batteries.

Yes, this can be purchased from our online shop.

The default password is 0000, if you change this please make a permanent note as this cannot be undone.

Yes, please see page 19 of the instructions.

Simply press the TV/Rad button on the remote to change from TV to radio, press again to go back to TV.