MXL026 & MXL026/TWIN



· Ensure there are no obstructions to the South East line of sight as this will stop the satellite signal. E.g. trees, buildings etc.

· Ensure the system is correctly positioned.This means it will be parallel to the south needle (white) on the compass.

· Ensure you have elevated the dish to the correct angle as per the supplied Zone Map

· Ensure the system is as level as possible using the level bubble built into the system, an uneven Remora 40 will change the angle that the dish has to be set to.

1. Ensure all wiring connections are connected as per page 13 of the instruction booklet.

2. Ensure system is installed on a vertical surface with the system sitting upright in orientation.

3. Ensure LNB Skew and elevation is set to the correct angle for your locations.

4. Ensure you are pointing at the South sky and that you have no line of sight obstructions (reference page 10).

5. If you are still having problems please contact Maxview on +44 (0) 1553 811000 to discuss with our support team.

Yes, water will not affect the suction strength of the Remora 40. However, the surface should be clear of dirt and debris. Always check the pads are secure during set up.

Ensure the Azimuth/Rotation lock is fully released before rotating the system.

The Remora 40 has been designed for outdoor use. Therefore, it has been designed for water to pass through the unit and exit easily. The system will dry out very quickly.

It is not possible to upgrade to a larger dish.

Every installation is variable and we have no control on the surface the Remora 40 is being applied to or how the user secures the Mounts. These are both important factors that can have an effect on the suction mount performance. Therefore for product safety reasons these are important guidelines that the user must adhere to. Product tests have shown longer Suction Mount periods in test conditions.

Due to the nature of using a plastic dish with a metallic coating, scratching is possible. However, this is just cosmetic and will not affect the performance of your system.