This means the control box cannot communicate with the Dome.

· Ensure connections are good and clean on both the control box and the Dome unit whilst power is turned off.

· Ensure the correct voltage is being supplied to the control box as this can also cause the 2 lights to flash.

Both these satellites are unavailable in the UK. To change the satellite back to search for Astra 2_N you will need to turn the control box off (red rocker switch) and on again. As soon as you switch it on the satellite light will blink. Immediately press the white satellite selection button continuously until the light moves onto Astra 2_N

Once the system has locked onto your chosen satellite it will only use power from the satellite receiver; the LNB light staying on after search indicates this.

If the LNB light goes out the connection between the system and the satellite receiver has been compromised suggesting one of the following:

· There is no satellite receiver connected

· There is a connection problem between the receiver connection on the back of the control box and the satellite receiver.

· The satellite receiver is not functioning correctly and has stopped providing voltage through the coaxial cable via the LNB input.

· Ensure antenna has no obstructions to the southern sky.

· Check all cable connections at the rear of the control box. See instructions above for more information.

· Try changing the satellite to Astra 2_S, especially if you are using the system in Europe.

· Make sure the dome lid is clean of flies and general dirt using a mild soap and water (never power/pressure wash or use any solvents).

No, due to the way the MXL007 Dome searches, you should never require an update.

· The main serial number for the system can be located on the Dome next to the connection points.

· There is also one on the underside of the control box.

· You will need at least one of these ready when contacting Customer Services.

· Ensure your satellite receiver is set to the same satellite as your Dome. For UK channels you will need to ensure both the receiver and system are set to Astra 2.

· Perform a channel search on your TV/receiver as the channel you have selected may have moved or may not exist anymore. See receiver instructions.