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· Ensure there are no obstructions to the South East line of sight as this will stop the satellite signal. E.g. trees, buildings etc.

· Ensure you have elevated the dish to the correct angle as per the supplied Zone Map.

· Ensure you are parked as level as possible. This will change the angle that the dish has to be set to as the slope must be offset in the elevation.

Ensure power is reaching the control box and if possible, make sure that the voltage is between 12/24v dc.

Ensure the control box cable and power cables are correctly installed. Full set up instruction can be found above.

The most common cause for this is that you have aligned your dish to the wrong satellite. There are several satellites located in the southern sky and the Sat Finder will pick up any one of these. Ensuring your Elevation Angle and Azimuth Angle are correct should help overcome this. If you are still unable to locate the correct satellite, try adjusting the Azimuth angle slightly both left and right until the Sat Finder recognises another satellite.

It is also possible that you have located the correct satellite, in this case please check the following:

· Ensure your satellite receiver is switched on and set to the correct satellite you are searching for

· Ensure you have selected the correct AV source if your TV has a built in satellite receiver.

To operate correctly, the Sky+ HD receiver must have both LNB inputs on the rear of the receiver connected to the twin LNB outputs on the system. If you wish to use a Sky+ HD receiver with a single LNB system you will need to set your receiver to “Single Feed Mode”, follow the below instructions (doing so at your own risk):

1. Press the Services button on your Sky remote, the Options menu should now be highlighted. In quick succession, press the button combination 0,0,1 then Select on your Sky remote you will now have access to the hidden installers menu with the Setup tab highlighted.

2. If you are unable to access the installers menu then press the Sky button and repeat the process again.

3. Press either the Select or Down arrow on your Sky remote to select the Setup tab, "LNB Type" should now be highlighted.

4. Use the Down arrow on your Sky remote to scroll down to the Single Feed Mode option then press the Right button on your Sky remote to change the option to ON. After you have made the change press theGreen button on your Sky remote to save the new setting, this should normally take a few minutes to complete.

5. Pressing SELECT will reboot your Sky+ box and any recordings will be stopped and your system will now be in single feed mode.

No, a single LNB cannot be upgraded to a twin LNB.