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No, but you can use a 230V to 12Vdc power supply, as long as it is rated to at least 2 amps.

Check that the power supply is properly connected to the VuDome Control Box and plugged into a 12V power source.

This usually happens when the VuDome is unable to locate the required satellite:

· Ensure the antenna has no obstructions to the southern sky

· Check that the ground where your vehicle is parked is as level as possible. If the gradient is too steep, the VuDome may be unable to offset this gradient when searching for satellites.

· Poor weather conditions can occasionally cause loss of signal. Wait until the weather improves and rescan.

There is a possible problem with the F to F leadconnection between the antenna and the control box.

· Ensure that the coaxial lead is connected correctly between the control box and VuDome.

· Ensure your satellite receiver is set to the same satellite as your VuDome. For UK channels you will need to ensure both the receiver and VuQube are set to Astra 28 (second light).

· Perform a channel search on your TV/receiver as the channel you have selected may have moved or may not exist anymore. Note - new channels are normally added to the bottom of the channel list. See receiver instructions.

· Check all the connections between the VuDome Control Box, receiver and TV

· The VuDome does not require user updates.

· This can be found on the VuDome next to the connection points.

· You will need this ready when contacting Customer Services.

· The VuDome has been designed to be maintenance and trouble free. For optimum signal strength, keep the Dome cover clean from dirt, bugs and other debris. Periodic washing of the Dome cover with mild soap and water is recommended. Never use a pressure washer or solvents to clean.

Yes, you will need to replace the mounting feet. This kit can be purchased from our online shop