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  • Ensure there are no obstructions to the South East line of sight as this will stop the satellite signal. E.g. trees, buildings etc.

· Ensure the VuQube handle is pointing North.

· Ensure the angle read out on remote is correct using the supplied Zone map

· To aid alignment, concentrate the Direction Indicator on the remote (darker section of the round pie diagram on remote) around the ’11 o’clock’ position’.

· Check that the ground is not too uneven for the VuQube to overcome or is causing the VuQube to become unstable allowing the antenna to move whilst it is searching.

· Inclement weather can occasionally cause loss of signal. Wait until the weather improves and rescan.

This means your remote is unable to communicate with the VuQube:

· The wireless remote may be too far away from theVuQube, try moving closer.

· Check all connections. Please see the wiring diagram in the instructions above

· Turn remote off, wait 5 seconds and turn remote on again.

· Ensure your satellite receiver is turned on as the VuQube power is supplied by the satellite receiver up the coaxial cable from the LNB/dish port on the satellite receiver.

· Change batteries ensuring they are new, good quality and not rechargeable.

We only recommend up to a length of 10m cable. Longer lengths may result in a weaker signal and may display EO on the remote

Yes, this is available up to 20m lengths, although we only recommend the 10m version for the VuQube and VuQube Auto Details on this product can be found here.

The VuQube has been designed to be maintenance and trouble free. For optimum signal strength, keep the dome cover clean from dirt, bugs and other debris. Periodic washing of the dome cover with mild soap and water is recommended. Never use a pressure washer or solvents to clean.

Yes, you need to provide us with serial number and original proof of purchase. Please contact our Customer Service Team.

· This can be found on the VuQube next to the connection point and on the underside of the remote.

· You will need at least one of these ready when contacting Customer Services.