B2344 & B2345



· Ensure all connections are correct

· Ensure the Variable Signal Booster power LED is on

· Try adjusting the gain control on the Variable Signal Booster (turn to right to increase gain. We suggest you start with 100% gain and reduce if in a high strength area).

· To maximise the number and quality of channels found, you will need to retune your TV/Freeview box when changing locations, the aerial is likely to be picking up channels from different transmitters.

· Ensure power switch is in the on position.

· Ensure the power source is connected correctly.

· Check the in-line fuse in the power cable.

We recommend always using the VSB in-line as this will boost the signal quality significantly. However, in some areas where the signal strength is good, it may not be necessary to use the VSB.

For full instructions and support on the VSB, please visit the VSB support page here.

· Yes, you can shorten the cable by cutting it to the required length and refitting the F connector. Detail on how to fit the F connector can be found here.

· You can lengthen the cable by using a back to back connector and some additional coaxial cable or a fly lead.

· Please note, longer cable may introduce signal losses and reduce signal quality.

· Yes, the Omnimax has been designed to pick up both horizontal and vertically polarised UHF channels.

· Although the Omnimax has not been specifically designed to pick up VHF transmissions, the nature of its shape means you are likely to receive some VHF transmissions.

· However, since the digital switch over in the UK, the only VHF transmissions are radio channels, all of which can be picked up via UHF Freeview.

· Yes, the Omnimax base has a thin section of plastic which can be cut out for the cable to enter the vehicle at a remote point.

· We recommend filling the hole with silicone to ensure a waterproof seal is maintained.

· We also recommend using a Cable Entry Cover to ensure the cable entry point is waterproof. These can be purchased from our shop.

Yes, however we recommend replacing the sealing gasket to ensure a waterproof seal.

The Omnimax has mounting options to suit your needs:

- Permanentmount using base and screws.

- Semi-permanent mount to metal roof using the Magnetic Mounting Base.

- Temporary mount using Suction Pad Base.(Note: Vehicle must be stationary when using this option).

The Omnimax has been designed to be maintenance and trouble free. If you do wish to clean your Omnimax, use a sponge with mild soap and a minimal amount of water. Never use a powerful flow of water, power washer or solvents to clean.