If your Target fails to lock onto the satellite you may need an update. Please see our Update Page to see when the latest update was released. Alternatively, on this page you can also sign up to be alerted by email for any future updates.

· Ensure antenna has no obstructions to the southern sky.

· Ensure all cable connections are correct at the rear of the control box. See instructions above for more information.

· Failing this, try selecting a different satellite. If your system locks on to a different satellite, you may require a software update. For the latest update, please see the software updates above

Please note, in some instances the system can take up to 15 minutes to perform a full satellite search, after this time the system will park and display a solid red “OK” LED with a flashing green “SAT LED”.

· Ensure your satellite receiver is set to the same satellite as your Target. For UK channels you will need to ensure both the receiver and Target are set to Astra 28.

· Perform a channel search on your TV/receiver as the channel you have selected may have moved or may not exist anymore. Note-new channels arenormally added to the bottom of the channel list. See receiver instructions.

· The Target can lock onto a satellite without connection to a receiver. Check the connections between the Target Control Box, receiver and TV.

These lights indicate a specific error code, please refer to your instructions (or see above) for more information of specific error codes.

· Check the 3A Fuse. If damaged or blown, replace

· Ensure Power cable connection at the rear of the control box

It is possible that your vehicles battery power is low and there for unable to power your system.

· Ensure the Fuse rating is 4A.

· Ensure the antenna is not obstructed when moving.

To complete a software update, please ensure you follow the correct instructions which can be downloaded from the software update section above

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please complete the following checks:

· Ensure the file was added to a blank FAT or FAT32 formatted USB memorystick.

· Ensure the file is not in a folder

· Make sure that the name of the update file ends in .HEX and that there is nothing else after e.g .HEX.txt

Please note that after you have completed the update, you can check the status of the update by viewing the text file added to the USB memory stick when plugged back into a computer

Unfortunately, your Seeker may need to be serviced by an installer. Contact your dealer or our Customer Service Team, with your model number and serial number to hand.

It is important you DO NOT travel until the antenna unit has been lowered or removed:

A. If the dish is facing the rear of the vehicle, with the use of a 17mm spanner it is possible to loosen the 2 main bolts to lower the dish arm. Once the arm has been collapsed, retighten the bolts before travelling.

B. Alternatively you will need to remove the antenna unit from the roof by releasing the 6 x M6 Nuts. Carefully lift and place antenna unit on its side so that the underneath is accessible. Remove plastic connector covers with a pozi no2 screwdriver. Disconnect cables so that antenna unit can be removed from the roof. Make sure cables are secured to the roof before travelling.

The serial number is on the underside of the control box, you will need this ready when contacting customer services.

Yes, we sell a plate transfer pack and cable transfer pack that includes all that is needed to transfer your Target over to a new vehicle. This can be purchased from our Online Shop.